If someone doesn't jury-rig this doctor-training robo-butt to be a video game controller, there is no good in this world.

One butt about it. (via IncrediblyRich on Twitter)

Guys, scientists from the University of Florida, Drexel University, and the University of Wisconsin have worked together to make a robotic doctor-training butt named Patrick, and they're somehow not using it to screw around. Rather, this four-sensor butt, which is hooked up to a screen showing a guy in a doctor's office, is being used give doctors-in-training feedback about whether they're applying to right amount of pressure when poking around in your rear. According to KQED, using Patrick goes something like this:

Patrick is set up in an exam room. Students walk in, greet the patient, and ask routine questions about pain levels and symptoms (Patrick always has trouble urinating), as well as family and medication history.
Sources: h/t Mashable | KQED