God made butts for one very specific reason.

Amy Schumer's new music video "Milk Milk Lemonade" is as bright as a summer day spent working at a lemonade stand. This soon to be chart-topping hit used the informative, PG-13 nursery rhyme "milk, milk, lemonade, round the corner fudge is made" and transformed it into a tune so catchy, it'll be on your spin instuctor's playlist by the time you finish reading this sentence.

It also serves as an educational video, making sure to emphasize and repeat key points in order to inform viewers not only of the plethora of nicknames for butts, but their primary function. There's a cameo by Amber Rose's fudge-machine, as well as Jemima Kirke and Amber Tamblyn's poop-makers. Method Man drops a steaming dose of truth with his heartfelt, spoken-word ode to the behind.

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