Are those... just underwear? This is a tournament. Someone else is going to use that chair.
(via redditor OB1FBM) 

Redditor OB1FBM (aka Sid Blair aka rapper OB1 of the FreshBreeze Movement) went to the Greater Richmond Convention Center to attend the largest constructed Grand Prix ever for Magic: The Gathering, with over 4300 participants. I don't know what most of that means, but it sounds like a big day for the Magic scene; a time to really show off and put your best face forward.

Or, in some cases, the exact opposite of that. Nerds can be touchy about their image as unhygienic outcasts who have abandoned basic personal care (and the romantic contact that good hygiene can bring) while living as fanciful beings in roleplaying worlds. Maybe that's why Sid decided to wage a personal campaign to raise awareness of those who continue to make nerds look uncouth by leaving their buttcracks hanging in the breeze (see the whole album at bottom). 

Sources: redditor OB1FBM