Well, I was going to visit my elderly grandmother, but you got it!

Clearly, BuzzFeed has our best interests at heart. Otherwise, why would they constantly be showing us how to change the way we see the world in just 10 seconds? Or informing us about helpful lifehacks that will change our lives? Or helping us figure out what state we grew up in? (Oklahoma? Utah? I have no idea.)


But for the regular BuzzFeed reader, some of their headlines may start to get a little confusing after a while. It's hard to keep our priorities straight when they keep changing our priorities. How can Kristen Wiig be everything but this donkey's trumpet duet also be everything? These are the things that keep me awake at night.

Among other things, BuzzFeed is constantly telling us to "stop what we're doing" or "stop everything." It's gotten to the point now where I can barely get through a cup of coffee without slamming it down and turning my attention to an especially talented dog or a cat with a funny expression.

Sources: All screencaps via BuzzFeed Search