A "Sexagintuple" sure sounds sexier than your bowel movements become after you drink it.
(screengrab via YouTube)

Meet the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino. At $54.75, this 60-shot beverage served in a 128-ounce glass broke all known records for expensive Starbucks concoctions. And the guy who bought it didn't pay a penny.

Or you could go for an energizing 10-minute walk. (via Twitter)

The guy, whose name is Andrew, really likes "creating large food items," according to his Twitter profile. After seeing a video where someone created a $47.30 drink at Starbucks, Andrew decided to beat that record. As a Gold member of the Starbucks loyalty program, Andrew was entitled to a free drink for every 12th purchase, and since there are no official limits to what you can order (um, yet), Andrew went wild. 

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