In just one day, Starbucks has released six new ways to ingest caffeine-powered sugar syrup.

One to commemorate each manic year we've had together.
(All images via Starbucks)

Today, Starbucks added six new Frappuccino flavors to the menu. And you can vote for your favorite. But you'll still be able to get any of the flavors in the future. And you also could in the past, if you asked for them. But it's not really about the suspense. It's about popping sugar, caffeine, and flavors right into your little brain.

Red Velvet

This is the flavor that's most like drinking a cupcake other than the cupcake flavor.

Cinnamon Roll

Pair this with a cinnamon roll to bring out the cinnamon flavors in the roll and the roll flavors in the drink.

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