I'll stop stealing food when the nanny state provides more Double Stuf Oreos!

This photo was snapped by Instagram user cloudyapples_ and perfectly illustrates the hardships facing Canadian thieves. At least hungry thieves in the United States can blame our disorganized and bureaucratic welfare system and our national attitude that people who need help are drug addicts who brought this on themselves. In Canada, food thieves can blame no one but themselves.

I went to Toronto in January once, and there were underground pedestrian tunnels connecting many of the major buildings downtown. My friends and I were a little nervous about walking around in these late at night, but soon discovered they were clean, brightly lit, and completely devoid of homeless people taking advantage of the warmth. The state of those tunnels was already more impressive than most social services in the United States, and there were still better options for the poor than living in the tunnels. Canada is amazing.

Sources: Instagram cloudyapples_ | redditor Ohokra