Welcome to Canada. (Via Imgur)

Whoever started the "Canadians are nice" theory is at least half right. Some Canadians are nice, offering up the rest of their now-useless GPS cords and instructions after the main piece was stolen. The other half is out there stealing your GPS.

Canadian redditor ShittyHaircut posted the above picture with the title, "Welcome to Canada."

While I'm pretty sure this is not Canada's official welcome sign, it might as well be. 

Welcome to Canada. You probably got here by accident, so here's all the necessary GPS accoutrements so you don't make that mistake again.

Either this sign was a light-hearted Canadian attempt to make a joke about a shitty situation, or it is the least devious trap ever constructed. Just leave some extra equipment out to bait the thieves, and hope they don't notice the man in an orange shirt up on the deck who will attack when they arrive.

Either way, whoever robbed dwelling #23 certainly will think twice about stealing from them again, lest they face the derision of another snark-filled sign.

(by Myka Fox)


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