"Thanks for the car, dude!"

"It never ends!" Is what must be going through the mind of the guy in this video who sold his raffle ticket for $200, only minutes before it turned into a Shelby GT500 worth considerably more. That's because the transaction happened back in 2010 at Quakecon, and he's probably spent the last four years trying to forget it. Unfortunately, the video of his epic blunder has just now gone viral. Sorry, buddy.

Quakecon is a gaming convention that takes place annually in Dallas. Every year they have a raffle, and in 2010 the prize was the Shelby muscle car worth nearly $50,000. Normally, the odds of winning any raffle are pretty low, because there are usually thousands of tickets sold. But at this event, only 100 tickets were awarded to individuals for winning various tournaments. So the guy in the baseball hat selling his ticket right before the drawing must have been feeling especially unlucky that day. Turns out, his hunch was correct. Because, as you'll see, Lady Luck hauled off and kicked him square in the nuts.

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