Stand out by being two-dimensional.

"Are you staring at my hair bun horns?" "No, I'm staring at your purse."
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WTF is going on with these bags? They're like cartoons that were edited onto the photo, but they're real! What we have here is some real life-imitating art.

The people at Taiwanese bag company JumpFromPaper (no prizes for guessing how they came up with that name) have come up with a line of purses and backpacks that "attempt to fulfill everyone's childhood fantasy."

So cute... this is the perfect bag to pack when Garfield mails you to Abu Dhabi.
(via JumpFromPaper)

And they nailed it. My childhood fantasy was to discover a product so unique it would make me want to post a bunch of pictures of it on the web, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed