Beast-Man, you gotta stand up for yourself. Skeletor needs you more than you need him.

Man, what a cranky pants, that Skeletor! He has a sharp-tongued (does he even have a tongue?) insult for everyone around him, who happen to be the only characters who support him, of course. One expects a villain to insult a hero, because after all, the hero is probably going to beat the snot out of him later, but it's always disappointing to see a villain verbally abusing their henchmen as a way of dealing with his personal problems. Clearly, Skeletor has a lot of issues with needing to feel powerful and in control (specifically, his desire to feel in control over the Power of Greyskull), or else he wouldn't be such a dick to Beast Man, Whiplash and the gang. On the other hand, he does say that books are the real treasure of the universe. So, that's cool.

Sources: Daily Dot