Hare lip. (via)

Are you a fan of animated Disney films or love classic Warner Brothers cartoons? Not just someone who remembers them fondly or grew up watching Bugs Bunny every Saturday morning, but a "I often fantasize about making out with Yosemite Sam" kind of fan? If you're the latter, then A) you're pretty weird and should talk to someone about it, and B) Laura Jenkinson might be the girl for you. Because when Laura's not busy as a London-based makeup artist, she uses her talent to transform her mouth into dozens of famous cartoon characters and the results are pretty spectacular.

Smiling after a Shrek-up. (via)


A fun way to eat olives. (via)


Angel in the streets, devil around the mouth. (via)


Perfect Halloween costume for Lindsay Lohan. (via)


Nemo chick. (via)

You can find a lot more of Laura's mouth art here.

(by Jonathan Corbett)


Sources: Metro UK