Amy Schumer received a text she referred to as "hostile" about hosting Saturday Night Live. She's already taken on the haters who want to see her fail in her hosting debut. We're certain she'll be a spectacular host, especially since she's already comfortable being funny on live television. She received the text from a previous host, who enjoys throwing a little shade from time to time. He also enjoys just being little, because the man is Kevin Hart

Hey I know your hosting SNL tonight… If you get nervous during your monologue just tell the audience that you know me. I promise it will help. Or you can FaceTime me but I probably wouldn’t be able to pick up because I’m busy doing stuff. Just spit balling here… I’m trying to help… you know what f##k it… you will be fine… I hope.. God bless...K Hart out.


So when Amy said "hostile" she was being sarcastic, because that's what she does best. And while Amy continues to be unstoppable on TV and at the box office, we can also look forward to her forthcoming book.

Sources: Twitter