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5 People Having A Bad Monday

5 People Having A Bad Monday


It's the week before Christmas, and while everyone is finishing their holiday shopping, these celebs are dealing with a rough Monday.

5. Robert De Niro because a home intruder almost pulled a Grinch on him.

The Actor's NYC home was broken into early Monday morning by what authorities say was a 30-year-old woman who broke in through the front door. The woman was caught by De Niro himself, who called the police.

They took her straight to jail, where hopefully, she'll meet a Cindy Lu Who to make her realize the true meaning of Christmas. Maybe if the perp went through the chimney instead, she would've gotten away with it like the Grinch almost did.

4. James Cameron after he was caught flipping off fans.

The legendary director was caught leaving a screening of the new 'Avatar: The Way of Water' film in Los Angeles and refused to stop for a group of autograph-seeking fans. One fan yelled out 'f*ck avatar' as Cameron got into his car.

Cameron then rolled down his black-tinted window to reveal the bird to fans. The internet is split on the matter, with some calling Cameron a 'legend' for his response and saying that these were 'fake fans' ready to sell the autograph online. At the same time, others accused Cameron of being 'annoying' and a 'jerk' for the gesture.

3. Elon Musk after Twitter users vote that he steps down as CEO.

While this year hasn't been awful for Elon financially (he's still a billionaire), people haven't hated him as much as they do now. Elon's decisions regarding Twitter have caused backlash every step of the way.

From internal work policies that have caused mass exodus to new Twitter policies to no longer to allow users to promote other social media profiles there is a long list of bad decisions the new Twitter CEO has made.

Recently, the king of 'free speech unless it's about him' posted a Twitter poll asking people if they thought he should step down as CEO and that he would abide by the survey.

The poll ended with 57.5% of users voting for the CEO to step down now, we'll wait to see if it actually happens, or if Elon was once again lying for attention.


2. This couple for spotting this demonic thing while they walked their dogs.

In Nottinghamshire (Apt name for a haunted place), there's a rumor that Clumber Park is haunted by a spirit called the 'Grey Lady.' The spirit has been said to sport a long coat and crawl on her long limbs.

While on a walk with their dogs this weekend, a couple spotted something odd crossing their paths and just happened to catch it on camera. You can catch the video here.

Is it real, or is it fake?

1. The French because they lost to Argentina in the World Cup.

It stinks in France now, not because of the cheese and lack of air conditioning in the summer. France lost the World Cup Final, the biggest sporting event in the world (yes, Americans have to admit that the FIFA World Cup is more significant than the Super Bowl), in one of the best games in the history of this tournament. The game was a roller coaster, with Argentinians and the French crying before the game was over.

Argentina scored two early goals from Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria in the first half, only to lose their lead in the span of a single minute with two goals from Kylian Mbappe. The game ended in a tie which led to extra time, where Argentina scored through Messi only to give up a penalty with two minutes remaining, where Kylian Mbappe finished his hat trick (scoring three goals)

This led to penalty kicks, where the French finally collapsed as Mbappe couldn't take all of the French penalties. Argentina won the penalty kicks, and the celebrations started as the French mourned losing in a World Cup final. As the parties in Buenos Aires kick off, France can only watch and prepare to avenge their loss in 2026 when the World Cup comes to North America.

What's possibly worse, though, is that France took a mostly black team to the World Cup, and now after losing in the final, the black French players have had to deactivate their social media accounts because of racial abuse.

This has been a pervasive problem in global soccer, as black English players have faced similar problems. Turns out the French are bad losers and disrespectful toward their own countrymen.

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