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5 People Having a Bad Week

5 People Having a Bad Week


August is off to a bad start for these five celebs.

5. Tom Sandoval because he allegedly snuck photos of Rachel Leviss onto the set of 'Special Forces.'

Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss' affair broke in March, and new details are still coming to light. Bachelor alum Nick Viall, who filmed Special Forces with Tom, alleged on his podcast that Tom snuck pictures of Rachel onset despite pictures of loved ones being banned.

The weird part was that Tom showed cast members the pictures of him and Rachel. Viall said that, for what it's worth, Tom seemed to care about Rachel. While news broke of the affair in March, it would've meant cast mates had plenty of time to know about it, making it a bit more bizarre that Tom showed the pics like a badge of honor.

4. Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater because of the new details of their love affair.

Sources have alleged that the Wicked stars turned lovers spent time together with their spouses when they came to visit on set in London. Dalton Gomez and Lilly Jay saw their former spouses on set multiple times while Grande and Slater continued their alleged affair. It even went as far as couples going on double dates. A source alleges that Grande held Slater and Jay's baby before saying that she was so enamored with their child that she wanted her own.

Sources have even claimed that Grande and Slater were not very discreet onset describing the two as 'sloppy,' suggesting that most of the cast were aware of their relationship. The couple was allegedly seen making out at Michelle Yeoh's Oscar party back in March. Grande and Dalton are ending their marriage after two years, and Slater and Jay had been married for five before announcing their divorce.

3. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because the royal family did not invite them to honor the 1st anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's passing.

It is alleged that senior royal officials did not reach out to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to invite them to Balmoral Castle to honor the anniversary of the Queen's death. The event honoring the late Queen is slated to take place on September 8th, and the couple should be able to swing it as they're due in Germany on the 9th for the Invictus games.

A source close to the couple suggested that if Harry and Meghan aren't included in the plans for Balmoral then they'll find their way to honor the occasion. King Charles III and Queen Camilla will honor the longest-reigning British monarch in history alongside disgraced Prince Andrew.

The exclusion of Harry and Meghan probably concerns the ongoing feud between Prince Harry and Prince William about Harry's memoir 'Spare.' It is purported that the two have not had any contact with each other after the drama unfolded.

While Harry and Meghan aren't invited, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, who has ties to Jeffery Epstein, is allowed to attend the ceremony. It is unclear if Andrew will be allowed to interact with the other royals, but his presence will be in the castle, unlike Harry.

2. Kanye West because Adidas is unloading $1.3 billion Yeezy's shoes for charity.

Kanye West disgraced himself after he and Kim Kardashian split up in many ways, especially when he made anti-Semitic remarks. Kanye became untouchable after his anti-Semitic comments and praise for Hitler. Adidas has since been trying to find ways to unload its massive stock of them.

In comes billionaire Patriot owner Robert Kraft to the rescue. Adidas announced recently that they'd be donating a significant amount of money from the sales of their Yeezy's to Kraft's Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, as well as the Anti-Defamation League and the Philonise & Keeta Floyd Institute for Social Change.

Adidas allegedly will not be taking any profits from the sales and will be giving out a massive 7 figure payment to the charities. Adidas released the first wave of Yeezy apparel in June and made around $565 million in sales from online orders. Even if Kanye doesn't regret the social implications of his comments, he has to regret some of his words now that the financial consequences are so apparent.

1. Tori Spelling because she's living in an RV with her children after her house got infested with black mold.

The 90210 star was photographed from a white RV on a campground. The family was set up with lawn chairs and hanging wet clothes to dry. Spelling was seen passing out snacks to her children before a park ranger approached her to talk to her about her kids being too close to the cliff.

Despite the situation, the family seemed in good spirits as they watched the sunset together. Spelling was earlier photographed at a Wal-Mart with her eldest daughter allegedly picking up supplies for her family.

Spelling and her estranged husband, Dean McDermott, are getting divorced after 17 years of marriage. Dean was noticeably not with the family on their camping excursion. This all comes after news broke that Spelling was not doing well financially, as she hopes to rebound from this current living situation.

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