I 100% believe that Willow Smith would spend time in an all-white room playing a xylophone.

What else does a teenager who doesn't believe time is real and says things like "because living" do with her time? I mean, Will Smith's daughter is not going to the mall unless it's to do something like release 500 goldfish into the mall fountain while repeating "There is no upstream, there is no downstream, there is only nowstream." And I have a hard time imagining her playing mini-golf with fellow teens, unless those teenagers are wearing all white outfits punctuated by amethyst crystals and and hovering two inches off the ground as they play.

So I think there's actually a really good chance that this new video for Willow's song "F Q-C #7" is all just documentary footage of the three things she does now: hanging out in trees and fields, walking down the street, or chilling in an all-white room where she has a different color outfit for every instrument.

Sources: h/t People