UKTV celebrated its new Drama channel by creating a chocolate replica of one of the UK's most beloved TV drama stars.

Now this is an Imitation Game. (UKTV via Flickr)

Benedict Chocobatch is a lot like his namesake: he's tall, ethereally handsome, well-dressed, and women are obsessed with him. The major difference is that his acting doesn't have as much range. He can't even lift his arms. But considering he's made of pure Belgian chocolate, I don't think it matters. He's still castable. Just think of him as eye candy.

British broadcaster UKTV commissioned the confection to promote its new Drama channel, dedicated exclusively to TV dramas. The network held a contest to find the UK's most beloved TV drama actor, and Benedict Cumberbatch took it home, beating out heavy hitters like Idris Elba, David Tennant, and Sean Bean. It's just a good thing they specified "drama," or else the winner would definitely have been Rowan Atkinson. Once they figured out the most popular actor, there was only one logical thing to do: sculpt him out of chocolate.

Sources: UKTV | Flickr