The singer was attacked during a 2 AM Denny's stop after a concert in Alberta, Canada.

Everyone wants a piece of this guy. (Getty)

Lest anyone deny Marilyn Manson's powers of darkness, let it be known: he can make Canadians violent. The rock frontman and his entourage rolled into a Denny's on Saturday night after a concert in Lethbridge, Alberta. What happened next is unclear. There are a lot of sides to this story.

A witness told TMZ that Manson got into an argument with some customers at another table, called a man's girlfriend a bitch, and then that man punched him in the face. Team Manson, of course, is denying this, and says that the man came out of nowhere and sucker punched him for no reason. Another witness corroborated this story to the Calgary Sun, telling a reporter, "They were just talking and the guy just punched him right in the face without any provocation." He added that Manson's nose was bleeding afterwards, while the assailant hid in the parking lot.

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