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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


These five celebs wish this week went a bit differently.

5. Jeannie Mai because people allege she cheated on Jeezy with Mario Lopez.

Jeezy filed for divorce from Jeannie Mai after more than two years of marriage. The rumor mill was quickly set ablaze about infidelity between Jeannie and Mario Lopez. The two sometimes host Access Hollywood together as Mario is the long-term host, and Jeannie guest hosted with Mario for the past month.

TMZ reported that sources close to Jeannie say "that there is no truth to any of the rumblings of infidelity." Jeannie is focused on doing what's right for her 1-year-old daughter. Jeezy filed for divorce in Georgia earlier this month, citing "No hopes for reconciliation." Since then, people have reexamined Jeannie Mai's relationships, bringing their attention to Lopez. Mai posted some clips of their hosting on social media, probably another reason fans examined their relationship.

4. Joe Jonas because his exes are spending time together during his divorce proceedings with Sophie Turner.

Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were out and about in NYC following Sophie and Joe's split. Taylor and Sophie are both exes of Joe and were out meeting up with friends. The two were out for a girl's night on the town and quickly became BFFs. The two were spotted out to dinner together last week, so they're again hanging out, demonstrating that this friendship has legs.

While Joe may not be jazzed about two of his exes becoming friends, perhaps this is the start of a friendship that these two needed. These two women are not to be trifled with, as Taylor is a juggernaut of a musician, and Sophie can undoubtedly hold her talents as an actor. As Taylor continues to court Sophie while Sophie's divorce from Joe gets heated, the two have taken their fight to federal court.

Hours before Taylor and Sophie met up, she filed the lawsuit in federal court against Joe. The suit alleges that Joe unlawfully kept her children in NYC instead of letting them return home to England with her. Joe denies this and says that it's Sophie violating a Florida court order that prohibits either parent from relocating the children.

3. Lizzo because a new lawsuit has been brought against her.

Lizzo was recently honored with the Black Music Coalition's Humanitarian Award and accompanied by 20 plus-sized women. Lizzo is in the midst of a legal battle that alleges she allowed racial and sexual harassment to occur on her tour. During her acceptance speech, Lizzo vowed to "amplify the voices of marginalized people because she has a microphone and knows how to use it."

Lizzo also promised to continue to create safe spaces for fat black women. On the same day, a new lawsuit was filed against Lizzo by a woman hired to do wardrobe for Lizzo on her 2023 tour. The lawsuit alleges that there was barely any room for Lizzo's plus-sized dancers, who were often made fun of by the predominantly white male stage crew.

2. HBO because Magic Johnson and the Showtime Lakers are happy they canceled their show 'Winning Time."

The show that tried to tell the story of the 80's Showtime Lakers got canned after one season. This was after many players, including Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, spoke out against the show, saying it wasn't accurate to what actually happened. Former Laker Byron Scott told TMZ that he's not upset that the show never really got close to featuring him despite him winning three championships with the Lakers.

The show only featured two of the Laker's five championships during the Showtime era. Its cancellation felt imminent as the promotion for the show suffered because of the strikes, and even in its first season, ratings were allegedly not excellent. In 2022, Magic Johnson said he's not watching Winning Time "because it's hard to duplicate. You can't duplicate Showtime."

Johnsons also suggested that if the Lakers or himself had something to do with the show, he would consider tuning in, but the fact that they were left out meant he didn't quite care for the show. This is a lesson to anyone who wants to create a biopic about a player and a sports franchise: bring them in as consultants.


1. Shannon Beador because she was arrested for DUI and a Hit and Run.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is seeking help after her recent arrest. Following her accident after being intoxicated, Beador has been researching treatment centers. Shannon has offered to foot the bill for the damage she caused because of her incident.

Her attorney has been instructed to work directly with the building to make things right. Beador was arrested after driving into a building before taking off without saying anything. She was released on bail after writing a handwritten letter saying she would attend her court date.

The reality star allegedly sustained some injuries from the incident and is now recovering as she awaits her court date.

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