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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


These 5 celebs are hoping to put this past week way behind them.

5. Travis Barker is being roasted by the internet for his delivery room antics.

The drummer posted a video on his TikTok of him playing the drums to his baby's heartbeat while in the delivery room with the mother of his child, Kourtney Kardashian. Fans online were disturbed by the choice to make content while the mother of his child is preparing to deliver. One comment said, 'Kourtney has to have 'angel-like' patience to deal with this while giving birth.'

Other gems included: 'Imagine being in the room next to this,' and 'the greatest ick of all time.' Others did congratulate the couple on their newborn. The couple spent multiple days at the hospital before leaving with their newborn child, Rocky.

4. Keke Palmer is going through the courts to get full custody of her son.

The actor and singer is going through a messy split with her ex, Darius Jackson, and is now fighting for full custody of their 8-month-old child. TMZ obtained docs that detail Keke asking a judge to give her full custody of her baby son, Leodis Andrellton Jackson; however, there are no details as to why Keke decided to file. Keke did post camera footage of a video that allegedely shows Darius trespassing and attacking Palmer in her home.

The petition says that Keke is willing to pay for reasonable pregnancy expenses but is also asking the court to order Darius to pay legal fees. The fallout of this relationship is allegedly from when Darius shamed Keke for her provocative attire at an Usher concert, stating it was 'inappropriate for a mom.'

The internet alleges that the relationship was abusive and toxic.

3. Chet Hanks had an attempted robbery at his home.

Tom Hanks' son had to defend his home from an alleged burglary attempt on Monday. How did he defend his home? Well, with his bare fists, of course. Chet punched a 42-year-old man at 3 AM outside of his home. The police arrived and had trouble getting him in cuffs.

After subduing the suspect, they tried bringing him to a vehicle before the man allegedly fell onto a deputy, breaking the deputy's leg. The two were taken to a hospital, and when medically cleared, he was booked for burglary.

Chet wasn't hurt in the incident, and the case will be sent to the LA County DA's office to be considered for filing.

2. LaMelo Ball, Lavar Ball and the Big Baller Brand are being taken to court.

Alan Foster, who helped co-found the Big Baller Brand, is dragging the Balls to court once again along with PUMA, alleging that they owe him hundreds of millions of dollars. Foster says in his suit that part of his role at BBB was developing the 'MB1' line when the Charlotte Hornets point guard was just a teenager - filing several trademarks for it.

The MB1 shoe was very successful, but Foster alleges that a few years later, Lavar tried pushing Foster out of the company by creating a second version of BBB and tried to transfer over Foster's trademarks to cut him out of the 'huge profits' from the shoe brand.

Foster also claims that when Melo signed a deal with Puma, they infringed on his trademark when they created the MB.01 shoeline. Foster wrote in the suit, 'He knew that his Big Baller Brand signature shoe was called the 'MB1' and that the name was protected by federal trademark. Yet, despite his knowledge of all of this, LaMelo willfully and deliberately chose to name the signature shoe he created and designed with PUMA the 'MB1' in violation of the LaMelo Trademarks.'

Foster alleges the damages are upwards of $200 million. Foster has been in court with the Balls before; he took LaVar to court, alleging that LaVar was using BBB to fund his lavish lifestyle. Lonzo Ball also sued Foster, alleging that Foster swindled him out of $1.5 million dollars.

1. Robert DeNiro's production company has been ordered to pay his ex-assistant $1.2 million dollars.

A New York jury just handed Robert De Niro's production company a big L of $1.2 million dollars. A jury disagreed with De Niro's claim that an ex-assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, embezzled from him as he sought $6 million in damages, and after 5 hours of deliberation, De Niro's claim was tossed.

The jury did, however, agree in some capacities to De Niro's assistant's $12 million countersuit by awarding her the $1.2 million payout. De Niro testified during the two-week trial and admitted to some abhorrent things, including calling her a 'f%#king spoiled brat' when she failed to wake him up in time for an appointment. He also admitted that he asked her to scratch his back several times but scoffed at the notion it was sexual. Robinson described the requests as 'creepy' and 'disgusting.'"

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