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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


If you're going to have a challenging week in November, the week before Thanksgiving is probably the best time for that to happen.

5. Keke Palmer because she needs a break from her breakup drama.

The actress is in Paris with Leo, her 9-year-old son, enjoying the city as a tourist. Of course, Leo probably won't remember this, but it's never too early to take in the City of Light. Keke is getting away from the drama back home as she escapes her allegedly abusive ex, Darius Jackson.

The actress braved the French rain to show her kid the sights of Paris. All this comes after the actress accused her ex and father of her child, Darius Jackson, of allegedly being abusive throughout their relationship. This came after the actress shared disturbing images of what is allegedly Jackson attacking her in her home.

Jackson is denying the allegations and is accusing Keke's mother of threatening violence against him. TMZ sources say this was only brought up as Keke's mother was fearing for her daughter's safety. Back in the States, Palmer has an upcoming court date for a restraining order against Jackson. Hopefully, this Paris trip is a relaxing experience for Keke and her son.

4. Kelly Oubre because people are doubting he was actually the victim of a hit and run.

It was recently reported that the Philadelphia 76ers player was involved in a hit-and-run incident that left him with broken ribs, a hip injury, and a leg injury. That seems pretty lucky after getting hit by a car, but as the police investigated the incident, they couldn't corroborate the hooper's story. Apparently, the police could not locate any surveillance footage of the incident occurring.

Now, this could mean that the police couldn't locate footage of the incident because it happened in a place where there wasn't much surveillance. However, this hasn't stopped people from creating their own stories, accusing Oubre of not telling the full story of what happened. Oubre apparently came home to his wife in bad condition before being taken to the hospital, where he answered questions under medication.

It's fully possible he was disoriented and couldn't accurately recall the information, especially since he is new to the Philadelphia area. Sixers coach Nick Nurse came to Oubre's defense, saying there isn't any reason to not take Oubre at his word. Time will reveal what happened, but regardless, we hope the athlete recovers from his injuries swiftly.

3. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry because they're being accused of leaking King Charles' private phone calls.

Apparently, Meghan and Harry hopped on the phone to wish King Charles a happy birthday but are now being accused of leaking that very news to the press. Page Six cited sources from the palace accusing the ostracized couple of leaking the details of the call to The Telegraph. Details even included their children contributing to the call.

This call was the first time the King and the couple chatted in months. The call was supposed to be the first step in mending the relationship, but sources are now saying the King is upset with how this all went down, thinking that the Sussexes set this up to garner some positive press.

2. Will Smith because allegedly rumors about his sexual orientation are being spread.

Brother Bilaal, a man claiming to be a former friend and assistant to Will Smith, is alleging he walked in on Will and Duane Martin hooking up in a dressing room. People from Will's camp are saying the allegations are entirely false. Duane's camp says he has no plans to address this publicly because of how ridiculous this rumor is.

Jada Pinkett Smith is also addressing the rumors, saying there hasn't been a "whiff of this with any dude." Jada also mentioned that the Smiths plan on suing Bilaal for floating these unsubstantiated claims.

1. P. Diddy because he is the subject of an NYPD criminal investigation.

Diddy is the focal point of a not-so-secret NYPD investigation involving someone by the name of "Sean Combs." The NYPD confirmed with TMZ that the case is locked, meaning that the case is sensitive, and access is restricted. The case is surrounding sexual assault, and it's not clear who has alleged that Diddy is involved.

Diddy's ex, Cassie Ventura, has filed an explosive federal lawsuit alleging sexual assault and human trafficking. Diddy's lawyers have come out to strongly deny the claims, calling Cassie's lawsuits a load of lies. Then saying most of Cassie's claims wouldn't be prosecutable based on statutes of limitations. Diddy claims that Cassie is just trying to shake him down for money, which, if it's the case, is an extreme way to ask for some breakup cash.

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