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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


5. Mariah Carey because she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Brian Tanaka.

The couple had been together for 7 years but couldn't overcome the infamous 7-year itch. Carey had been dating her backup dancer for quite some time, but Tanaka wanted a family, and unfortunately, Mariah was not on the same page.

Mariah has children with Nick Cannon, but Tanaka has never had children before. Rumors had been circulating that Carey and Tanaka had split, and it was all but confirmed when Carey went shopping alone in Aspen during their Christmas holiday. (Note: The parenthetical comment about a woman shopping alone is removed for a more neutral tone.)

Mariah has been on tour, and Brian has been noticeably absent; now everyone knows why. Mariah and Brian began dating in 2016 after Mariah called off her engagement to James Packer in 2016.

4. J-Lo and Ben Affleck because they're still traumatized by their first relationship.

Jennifer Lopez reveals that both she and her husband suffer from PTSD due to the intense media circus that surrounded their initial relationship. The two were supposed to marry in 2003 but canceled the wedding and eventually broke up. The couple rekindled their love in 2021 before tying the knot 19 years after their original plan.

The couple now has a better grasp of how to handle the media and the nuances of fame. They also care less about what people think and do what they want for themselves. J-Lo shared all of this during an interview with Variety to promote her new album and movie, "This Is Me...Now." The album focuses on her current relationship with Ben Affleck.

3. Vin Diesel because he's being sued by his ex-assistant.

Vin Diesel is alleged to have forced himself onto an assistant while working on a Fast and Furious film. One Race Films hired Asta Jonasson to be Vin Diesel's assistant during the filming of Fast 5. Records obtained by TMZ say she was at a suite at the St. Regis island in Atlanta where Vin was entertaining women.

She claims that after the last woman left, Asta was supposed to usher Vin out to avoid photographers, but before she could get him out, Vin allegedly kissed her, and pulled a Louis C.K. on her.

Hours later, Jonasson claims that Samantha Diesel called her and fired her, saying her services were no longer needed. Jonasson believes she was fired for resisting Diesel's advances. Jonasson didn't speak out immediately because of the Hollywood power that Diesel holds, as well as her immigration status as a green card holder.

2. Keke Palmer because her ex Darius Jackson says he needs protection from her.

Darius Jackson went to court on Tuesday to request a domestic violence restraining order against Keke Palmer. TMZ obtained the legal documents where Jackson alleged that Keke frequently became aggressive during their relationship after drinking and abused him for years.

Jackson alleges that Palmer punched him in the face after a birthday party in 2021, following some drinks. Jackson also alleges that the same thing happened in 2022 at his birthday party in Cancun, where the alleged attack left Jackson with bruises.

The couple's split is tense after an alleged video of Jackson emerged, showing him attacking Keke. Palmer has a temporary restraining order against him and sole custody of their child.

1. Rudy Giuliani because the former mayor filed for bankruptcy after his 'yuge' court loss.

The former Mayor of NYC was ordered to pay two Georgia election workers $146 million for a defamation case over the 2020 election. Rudy then filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday, claiming his debts are far greater than his net worth, which he self-reports as between $1 and $10 million.

Which feels wrong—how can you be unsure of whether or not you have an extra $9 million lying around? Does Rudy Giuliani put on his winter coat in December and find $9 million in the pocket from that time he was drunk with his friends last winter?

Giuliani was spotted at Citi Bank later on Thursday, taking out money from an ATM. After filing for bankruptcy, there wouldn't be much more time for Giuliani to take out cash.

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