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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


Week 4 of 52 is in the books and these 5 celebs are hoping the next 48 aren't like this.

5. Alyssa Milano because she's getting criticized for asking her fans for money.

The actress recently posted on social media asking fans to chip in for her son's youth baseball trip, and many saw this as a wealthy person refusing to use her own money. The actress linked a GoFundMe account that she and her husband started on behalf of their son's youth baseball team. The fund is described as a travel fund that will help the boys get to Cooperstown for a tournament, plus cover other travel expenses.

The GoFundMe page has a goal of raising $10,000 and states that the funds will go toward travel costs, uniforms, and family dues for players, benefiting the whole team. The internet is not pleased with Milano's request. Fans presume Milano has the means to fund this herself, so why is she asking regular working folks to contribute to something she could easily afford?

People are criticizing Milano for this stunt, especially because neither Milano nor her husband's names have appeared on the list of visible donors yet. It's possible that people are overestimating Milano's wealth because of her public persona, and $10,000 may indeed be a significant sum for her.

4. 50 Cent because he's staring down a lawsuit for hitting a DJ with a mic.

50 Cent avoided a criminal charge for allegedly hitting radio host DJ Bryhana Monegain during his Final Lap tour in LA. The host was hospitalized after the incident on August 3rd. 50 Cent threw the mic into the crowd after realizing it wasn't working.

The mic struck Bryhana in the face and wrist, causing permanent injuries. Bryhana said she suffered a concussion, a lacerated forehead, and other injuries. The host returned to work but is suing 50 Cent for lost wages and the medical bills incurred from the incident.

3. Hasan Minhaj because the Daily Show job was basically his until the New Yorker article came out.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj was believed to be the successor of Trevor Noah on the Daily Show until a New Yorker article accused Minhaj of "embellishing" stories. Minhaj allegedly lied about certain stories in his comedy, receiving heavy backlash that led the executives at the Daily Show to view him as too much of a liability to hire.

Hasan Minhaj was a beloved correspondent on the show during the Trevor Noah era, and his hosting on Patriot Act was acclaimed. The New Yorker article has drawn criticism for unfairly nitpicking at Minhaj, as every comedian in the history of comedy has embellished parts of their stories. Kevin Hart, for example, has a bit about a raccoon giving him finger guns.

Instead of hiring Minhaj, the Daily Show has brought back Jon Stewart to host the show on Mondays for the election season, as the search for a more permanent host continues. We'll see who ultimately secures the permanent slot, but it feels like Minhaj was unfairly taken out of the running.

2. Ezekiel Elliot because he is being investigated for potential involvement in a bar fight in Dallas.

Frisco police responded to a disturbance at 1 AM at a Frisco nightclub, Concrete Cowboy, located close to the Dallas Cowboys practice facility. Video shot by a patron shows the New England Patriots running back talking to a woman while just several feet away, people got into a brawl.

Police are still investigating the incident as they allege members of Elliott's party may have been involved in an assault on a male and a female. The footage of the event never seems to show Elliott himself being involved, which bodes well for the running back. Elliott played for the Cowboys for the first seven seasons of his career before moving to New England.

1. Alec Baldwin because he is set to go to trial for involuntary manslaughter next week.

The actor was charged with involuntary manslaughter for the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film 'Rust'. Baldwin is set to appear in court on February 1st for the start of the trial. Baldwin and his lawyer want a speedy trial and to avoid prolonging the process.

Baldwin seems to have the support of SAG, as they recently released a statement making it clear that knowing how to handle a firearm is "NOT" an actor's job. Specifically, the union wrote, "An actor’s job is not to be a firearms or weapons expert. Firearms are provided for use on set under the guidance of multiple expert professionals directly responsible for the safe and accurate operation of that firearm."

The union appeared to reference Baldwin and his case when they wrote, "To the extent that the charges filed on January 19 are based on an accusation of negligent use of a firearm predicated on this or any actor having a duty to inspect a firearm as part of its use, that is an incorrect assessment of the actual duties of an actor on set."

This all seems to bode well for Baldwin in his case and hopes that the trial has a speedy resolution. The internet does seem to be on Baldwin's side and is upset that while Baldwin may be punished for what seems to be an accident other more egregious acts of violence go without punishment.

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