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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


These celebs will rejoice if this is the last bad week of the year for them.

5. Larry David because some people are upset about him beating up Elmo.

Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton was deeply troubled when Larry David targeted Elmo on TV last week, stating that it evoked unpleasant memories. Wheaton expressed his dismay on Facebook, remarking, "Elmo is a beloved friend to multiple generations of children. In the Sesame Street universe, ELMO IS A CHILD, currently highlighting mental health awareness and the importance of caring for others."

Wheaton revealed that his own childhood experiences of abuse resurfaced when he witnessed Larry David's actions towards Elmo. He described feeling his heart racing as past trauma came to the forefront of his mind.

Wheaton emphasized the significant role Elmo plays in the lives of countless children and underscored the importance of his message promoting mental health awareness. Thus, for Larry David to undermine this message by attacking Elmo was deeply disturbing.

While Larry David later apologized to Elmo during the segment, viewing it as a comedic skit, Wheaton found nothing remotely humorous about it. It appears that David may have found inspiration for an episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', but from Wheaton's perspective, the incident was far from amusing.

4. Taylor Swift because she's had two stage mishaps in a row during her Tokyo concerts.

Taylor Swift was performing her second show at the Tokyo Dome as part of her "Eras" tour through Asia, Australia, and Europe. A video has surfaced on Instagram showing Taylor losing her footing as she descends a flight of stairs and nearly tumbling to the floor. Thankfully, Taylor caught herself and continued the show, and as of now, she has not reported any injuries.

The night before, Taylor was onstage and missed her mark as she sat down on a chair, missing the cover and having to adjust. Hopefully, this is the biggest mishap, and Taylor safely performs the rest of the tour.

There is much speculation about whether Swift will attend the Super Bowl to see her boyfriend play. However, it would be completely understandable if the mega-star's concert schedule doesn't allow it.

3. Calvin Harris because his Los Angeles home caught on fire.

Calvin Harris' Los Angeles home caught fire, but fortunately, firefighters were able to prevent it from engulfing the entire house. The fire was reported on one of the upper floors, and in pictures, there is a section of the roof that firefighters had to cut out to gain access to the fire and extinguish it.

The call came in around 8:25 PM, and the LAFD dispatched up to 10 different units to contain the blaze. Eyewitnesses tell TMZ that there was a mix of multiple fire trucks and ambulances, and even helicopters were deployed to address the fire. This response may not have been due to the celebrity status of the house but rather the concern about the fire spreading to the surrounding greenery.

Firefighters determined that the fire was caused by an electrical mishap, and it took just 52 minutes for them to extinguish it. Sources indicate that there is approximately $100,000 in damages, but that will be addressed by the insurance company. Interestingly, the DJ himself wasn't home at the time, as it's reported that he actually leases out the property.

2. Bobbi Althoff because she's getting divorced from her husband and Drake is getting blamed for it.

The famous TikToker announced that after four years of marriage, she and her husband Cory are getting divorced, citing "irreconcilable differences." Althoff has been putting her best foot forward since the divorce, posting a sweet message on IG about the divorce.

Althoff said, "As sad as I am right now, I am so thankful for the time I got to be his wife. Our girls are so lucky to have him as a father & I am so lucky to be able to co-parent with such an incredible father and person. While our relationship did not work out as husband and wife, we will always be friends and I will always love him."

Cory listed the date of separation as July 4, 2023, so the divorce may not be quite a shock for Althoff, as she's had some time to process. Cory is seeking joint physical and legal custody of their two daughters while also trying to block the court's ability to award spousal support to either party.

Some have speculated that Drake may have been the cause of the separation, as July 4th, 2023, was the same day that Bobbi did her Drake interview with her, and the rapper sitting in a bed together occurred. However, it seems that the two aren't friends, as they had a falling out because Drake didn't give her VIP tickets to one of his concerts. Moreover, there is no evidence or support to suggest that the two were ever involved with each other.

The internet was ready with some jokes at Althoff's expense:

1. Kanye West because his unhinged behavior got his album live stream cut.

Kanye West hosted a listening party event at the United Center, debuting his new album. The event was used to showcase songs from his album 'Vultures', which he hadn't released digitally to the masses. It appears that someone was prepared with a bleep button for the livestream.

During the event, Kanye addressed some inflammatory lines, touching on his continued issues with antisemitism. The platform he used to stream the event, Veeps, quickly censored him. The feed on Veeps abruptly cut to black and went silent, suggesting a deliberate action.

Speculation arose that Veeps may have had an agreement with Kanye beforehand, granting them the authority to terminate the show at their discretion. At one point, Kanye compared himself to 'canceled' celebrities, including Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and Diddy—an association most people would find unfavorable. However, few possess the star power and aversion to mental health counseling that Kanye West does.

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