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5 People Having a Bad Week

5 People Having a Bad Week


These celebs did not beware the ides of March.

5. Tennis star Carlos Alcaraz because he was swarmed by bees during a match.

During the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells, Alcaraz was playing against Alexander Zverev. With the match tied 1-1, Alcaraz could be seen swinging his racket at some flying pests before realizing that wasn't going to solve the problem.

While sideline officials explained the situation to the audience, the tennis star began wildly swinging his racket before sprinting off the court to hide from the bees, as if he were hiding from a killer in a movie.

His agent said that the world number 2 ranked tennis player took a sting to the forehead but played through it after the match resumed. The tennis star gave an interview afterward where he said, "I'm not going to lie, I'm a little afraid of bees." A little?

4. Pierce Brosnan because he plead guilty in his Yellowstone case.

Pierce Brosnan pleaded not guilty to his hot spring hiking case two months ago, only to change his plea. The former James Bond pled guilty to one of the two charges brought against him. The charge he admitted to was one count of unauthorized foot travel within Yellowstone Canyon thermal areas, confined to trails.

Brosnan's guilty plea will require him to pay $1,500 in fines and other court fees. This all occurred after Brosnan posted pictures of himself in what appears to be off-limits areas of the park that are closed to tourists. This allegedly occurred in Yellowstone National Park in November 2023.

Had Brosnan not pleaded guilty, he would have faced fines of up to $5,000 and possible jail time. Instead of taking the risk to prove his innocence, the star resolved the matter by paying the $1,500 instead. Chump change, I'm sure, to the former James Bond.

3. Aaron Rodgers because he had to clarify his stance on Sandy Hook.

The amount of news about the NFL star that isn't about football is becoming more the norm. Despite Rodgers being one of the best quarterbacks out there, it seems like his interest in football actually dwindles more and more every year that he's in the league. From COVID conspiracies to his takes on politics, Rodgers is laying the foundation to stay relevant past his NFL retirement.

Rodgers addressed a report that alleged he said that Sandy Hook never happened and called the children who were murdered actors. Rodgers took to Twitter to clear up his stance, calling the shooting an "absolute tragedy." The full quote from Rodgers is, "As I’m on the record saying in the past, what happened in Sandy Hook was an absolute tragedy. I am not and have never been of the opinion that the events did not take place."

The report published by CNN alleges that at least back in 2013 Rodgers believed the shooting was an "inside job" perpetrated by the US government. Despite this, Rodgers is clear that he believes the shooting happened. That about wraps up the latest on Rodgers; I'm sure next week we'll find out if he and Kanye are planning on running for President.

2. Dak Prescott because police launched a probe into a possible sexual assault.

A two-for-one special on NFL quarterbacks this week. Early in the week, Prescott filed a lawsuit on Monday alleging that the person accusing him of sexual assault was trying to extort him for $100 million.

Prescott's team asserts that the QB has never engaged in any non-consensual acts with anyone in his entire life. Prescott's accuser filed another police report in a separate jurisdiction. TMZ confirmed with the Dallas Police Department that they received a report of an alleged sexual assault outside the XTC strip club in February 2017.

Texas officials are now also investigating Prescott's claim along with the criminal complaint against him. The QB is suing his accuser for defamation, slander, and civil extortion. The most interesting thing is that civil extortion implies there exists uncivil extortion.

1. Alec Baldwin because he claims that the prosecutor rigged the grand jury against him.

Baldwin believes going to trial for manslaughter is unfair because the grand jury that indicted him was stacked by the prosecutor. Baldwin's attorney, Alex Spiro, filed new legal documents claiming that the Santa Fe D.A. presiding over the Baldwin case brought out 7 incredibly biased witnesses which completely muddied the grand jury process.

Specifically, Alec and his team say that three of the witnesses were on the D.A.'s payroll. Two of them were from the Santa Fe sheriff's office, and one was already suing him in a separate civil case.

Another big revelation was that the documents alleged the D.A. leaving out the FBI testing of the pistol used in the scene. Baldwin claims that he never pulled the trigger and that the gun went off without the trigger being pulled. It was initially believed that the FBI tests concluded that the trigger of the weapon that Alec used had to be pulled for the gun to go off.

However, Baldwin's team alleges that the FBI tests actually supported Alec's claim, concluding that the weapon would go off on its own with all 6 rounds loaded into the gun. Alec is asking the judge to drop the case, and we'll see what happens.

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