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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


For these 5 Celebrities this week has been bad.

5. Elle King because her Dolly Parton flub in January was due to tramautic events that led to that performance.

On the Chelsea Handler podcast, the singer said she'd been going through something major in January when they began talking about Elle's January flub performance, where she forgot the lyrics to one of Dolly Parton's songs. She called the incident a huge mistake, and her life during the day of the performance was significant for her.

Elle never went into detail as to what exactly was troubling her, but whatever it was caused her intense PTSD. King mentioned she hadn't eaten or slept in the days leading up to the show. King said that after her first show went well, she took one shot too many and completely lost track of what was happening.

King just remembers waking up in the dressing room sobbing. Elle went on to say that she wrote handwritten apologies to the venue, Grand Ole Opry, and to Dolly Parton herself. Dolly, being who she is, called King to make her feel better about herself.

While Dolly's sister lambasted King, Dolly herself spoke publicly and asked people to take it easy on King. After the incident, Elle put her shows on pause as she sorted her life out, but she has since returned to the stage, except sober this time.

4. Kel Mitchell because his ex-wife is denying his claims that he's making about her.

Kel sat down on Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast for an interview. Kel discussed his ex-wife Tyisha Hampton and their relationship. The two were married for six years, from 1999 to 2005. Kel said that before they got married, Tyisha got pregnant after cheating on him but only told him after they were married.

Kel said he stuck with her since they had already gotten married, but it made him feel trapped. He then mentioned that the incident wasn't a one-off, claiming that Tyisha cheated and got pregnant again. Kel said he confronted her while she was with another man and later found out about the pregnancy when they went to the hospital together and the doctor informed her she had lost a baby Kel didn't know about.

Hampton is calling BS on these allegations, saying when she stopped accepting Kel's behavior, he went off on her. Tyisha says Kel is lying about the pregnancies and calls him a narcissist. The two have been in many legal battles over the years, so take any allegations within that context. Kel offered no real evidence other than the anecdotes he shared.

3. Lil Baby because he got caught in the crossfire of a shoot out during a shoot for his music video.

Police are investigating gunfire that erupted in the middle of Lil Baby's music video shoot. The rapper and the music video production crew were caught in a shooting in Atlanta. TMZ obtained 911 audio where you can hear the sounds of gunfire in the background.

The Atlanta PD said officers spoke to several witnesses at the scene who reported that two unknown parties got into an altercation as members of QC Records filmed the music video. Lil Baby was not involved in the altercation, but the two parties began shooting at each other after tensions escalated, leading to bystanders being shot.

By the time APD arrived, paramedics were administering aid to two of the three gunshot victims. All the victims are expected to make a full recovery, and several vehicles have been impounded to be used as evidence.

2. Ben Affleck and J Lo because there are rumors that the couple has split up...again.

Affleck is purportedly staying at a home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, without his wife amid rumors that the two have split. Apparently, Ben was not spotted at his house with J Lo the previous night, instead spending the night at the Brentwood address.

However, in recent days both J Lo and Ben have been seen wearing their wedding rings. The two have been seen in public separately last week, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate trouble, as couples are sometimes seen apart. J Lo attended the Met Gala by herself last week, while Ben was probably at Dunkin' Donuts alone.

The couple bought a massive estate last year, and TMZ reported that J Lo was spotted house hunting earlier this week with her longtime producing partner. The last time the two were photographed together was back in NYC in March.

1. Chiefs' kicker Harrison Butker because of a controversial graduation speech he gave.

It's rare that anyone really cares about an NFL kicker, evidenced by the fact that most people reading this had to google who Harrison Butker is. Harrison really wanted to make sure people knew who he was when he made a commencement speech at Benedictine College, a Catholic school in Atchison, Kansas.

Butker's entire speech outraged some folks and made others nod their heads in agreement. Butker railed against Joe Biden, COVID policies, the LGBTQ community, and women's reproductive rights during his 20 minutes of fame. At one point, he said he believes a woman's "most important title" should be "homemaker."

Butker even used a Taylor Swift lyric from "Bejeweled" to emphasize his points, saying, "my teammate's girlfriend wrote a song that said, 'familiarity breeds contempt.'" Swifties have dragged him since for dragging Taylor into his speech.

The Chiefs haven't addressed the speech at all, but there are now competing petitions: one to get Butker dismissed from the Chiefs, which has about 180k signatures at the time of writing, and another started by his supporters asking the Chiefs to give him a raise and thanking him for standing up for "traditional values."

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