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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


Is your May going well? For these Celebs May straight up sucks.

5. Jennifer Lopez because she and Netflix had to ban reporters from asking any Ben related questions before the 'Atlas' premiere.

Reporters were warned before J Lo arrived for media questions that all 'Bennifer' questions were off-limits. Netflix alerted all the media outlets covering the Hollywood and Mexico City premieres for "Atlas" that no questions about Ben Affleck or personal matters were allowed. Media were also informed that J Lo would only be doing group interviews with Sterling K. Brown and Simu Liu.

Nobody at the Hollywood premiere broke the ban on Ben questions even though everyone knew, at that point, that Ben and J Lo were living apart. However, Mexico City media wanted to test the limits of the ban. Jennifer reacted sharply when a reporter asked about her marriage during a panel discussion.

J Lo scolded the reporter, saying, "You know better." The man was doing his job by asking the question every reporter in the room had, especially since Ben has been living in a Brentwood rental home while Jen remains at their marital home in Beverly Hills. The couple have been seen together, however, as they went to see a play that Ben's kid Fin was in, and also attended a school event for Jen's child Emme.

4. Scottie Scheffler because his arrest video has come out.

Scheffler was arrested last week in front of Valhalla Golf Club, the site of this month's PGA Championship. The video doesn't show the moments before the world number one golfer was arrested but it did capture the moments after. You can see the moments after Louisville Metro Police were able to stop him as he tried to make his way into the course.

An officer is seen heading towards Scheffler's driver's side door before he appears to reach in through the window to attempt to get him out. After several seconds, Scheffler's door opens, and then one cop seems to shove the golfer up against the car.

The situation seems tense as police released dash cam footage of the arrest that included a tense moment between police and reporters asking questions. Scheffler was taken to a nearby jail and booked on charges that included felony assault of a police officer. Louisville officials announced Thursday that the arresting officer violated policy by not activating his body-worn camera during the arrest; however, the criminal case against Scheffler remains open and ongoing.

3. Kelly Rowland because she's speaking out about her blow up at the Cannes Film Festival.

As we reported earlier this week, Kelly Rowland is speaking out about an incident that involved her and a security guard at the Cannes Film Festival. Rowland strongly suggested that the incident only occurred because she's a black woman. The Destiny's Child singer addressed the drama, telling an AP News reporter she "stood her ground" during the tense incident.

Rowland says she was "scolded" by an event staffer, while other women on the red carpet "who did not quite look like me" were left alone. The singer did not share any other details beyond that, but she did add that she and the security guard know the truth of what happened. Kelly was trying to attend the "Marcello Mio" premiere when the incident occurred and she confronted the festival staffer.

The moment went viral, and everyone was trying to chime in as they tried to decipher what happened. One lip reader suggested that Kelly said, "Don't talk to me like that." Some fans have supported Kelly's response, while others are labeling her as a diva, especially after her incident on the Today show.

2. Sean Kingston because he was arrested.

The singer was arrested in California after performing a show at Fort Irwin, following a police raid on his Florida home. He will be booked into the San Bernardino County Jail. The arrest comes after the Broward County Sheriff's Office obtained an arrest warrant for alleged fraud and theft charges against Kingston.

Kingston performed a show on the base and cooperated as the base police took him into custody. The Broward Sheriff raided Kingston's home on Thursday morning in Southwest Ranches, FL. The cops also arrested his mother, Janice Turner, on the same charges as the singer and confiscated belongings from his home.

Attorney Dennis Card was present at the raid, representing a company that sued Sean for not paying $150,000 for a home entertainment system. Prior to Sean's arrest, he went on social media to say, "lawyers are handling everything as we speak."

1. Diddy because there is a new sexual assault lawsuit leveraged against him.

A new accuser has entered the fray against Diddy. The victim is suing him over multiple sexual assaults that she claims started back in the 1990s after they met in New York City. The victim was an FIT student at the time, and she says Diddy offered to mentor her in the fashion industry.

The victim alleges Diddy love-bombed her with gifts and flowers before taking her to a SoHo bar, plying her with alcohol, and then bringing her back to his room at the Millennium Hotel. TMZ reports that the victim claims she felt ill as if "the walls were closing in on her" as Diddy allegedly forced himself on her.

The victim says she woke up the next morning "nude, sore, and confused." She says she heard from Diddy again months later when he began pursuing her once more. Her attorney describes her as a "hopeful yet naive college student" who took Mr. Combs at his word. After that incident, the victim says she rejected his continued invitations, which led to him growing angry and threatening to derail her fledgling career and blacklist her in the industry.

This led to an incident in 1996 when Diddy "ordered" her to his apartment, forced her to take ecstasy, and then demanded she have sex with Kim Porter before allegedly assaulting her again. The victim says she broke things off in 1998 but then had a run-in with Kim at a restaurant where Kim allegedly told the owner that the victim tried to poison her and if he didn't fire her, Diddy would shut down his business, which resulted in the victim losing her job.

The victim is suing Diddy for sexual assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She also lists Bad Boy Records, Arista, and Sony Music Entertainment as defendants, claiming they enabled him to commit these crimes.

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