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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


These 5 celebs are hoping that the end of May signals better times.

5. Taylor Swift because her Era's tour is displacing homeless people in Scotland.

Alison Watson, the Director of Shelter Scotland, informs TMZ that Edinburgh ought to be capable of hosting a significant event like this without severely affecting the city's unhoused community. Watson emphasizes that the organization holds no grudge against Taylor.

Taylor is arriving in Edinburgh next week, playing three nights at Murrayfield Stadium. The unhoused community in the city, who would have previously been given tourist accommodations, are being relocated out of the city to make room for the influx of visitors that Taylor is expected to bring.

Watson said, "A family going through the trauma of homelessness in Edinburgh should not have to move miles from their job, school, and community to find emergency accommodation." While obviously not an intentional consequence of Taylor, it's unfortunate that to accommodate her fans, the unhoused have to experience even more instability.

4. Jennifer Lopez because people think Sterling K. Brown is trolling her on the Atlas press tour.

Jennifer Lopez, Sterling K. Brown, and Simu Liu are doing a press tour for their new Netflix film Atlas, and Sterling K. Brown seems to be poking fun at Jennifer Lopez. Simu Liu is a bystander in Sterling Brown's playful jabs at his co-star during a press stop at UNILAD. J-Lo answers the prompt about her go-to comfort meal.

J-Lo starts by saying, "I grew up Puerto Rican, so I like rice and beans," and then Sterling interjects, "Are you Puerto Rican?" before adding, "frijoles con pollo a me gusta French toast." This prompts J-Lo to stop her answer and look over at Brown, giving him a look as if to say, "Are you done?"

Many fans have taken to the internet, analyzing all of their interactions and suggesting that something is up between the two stars. Meanwhile, others believe nothing seems to be amiss aside from the two having a fun repartee.

3. Darren Waller because he released a cringe music video about his divorce from Kelsey Plum.

The husband of WNBA superstar Kelsey Plum has dropped a peculiar music video about their recent split. Darren Waller, a tight end for the New York Giants, is taking time away from the team as he considers retirement and pursues a career in music. He released a music video titled "Who Knew (Her Perspective)," which feels like a love ballad that your eighth-grade crush wrote for you and sang to you in front of the entire class when you "broke up."

Waller clearly had good intentions and wanted to express his emotions through art; this is also something he did for himself. He took to Instagram to explain, saying, "On February 3, I felt a strong conviction to do something different. I’d never written a song from the perspective of someone else until this."

Waller continued, "There’s something extremely valuable (and quite humbling, lol) about putting yourself in the shoes of those you have been intimate with and taking an honest look at yourself. The only result possible is growth." Hopefully, this helps Waller continue his journey and growth as a person. Maybe Drake and Kendrick will drop sentimental love ballads to each other to show that they are growing from their beef.

2. Brad Pitt because his daughter is dropping Pitt from her name on her 18th birthday.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt just filed legal paperwork to remove Pitt from her last name a few days after she turned 18, so her name was just Shiloh Jolie. Shiloh filed on May 27th which was her exact birthday and Memorial Day. Pitt has had a strained relationship with his children since his divorce from Jolie in 2016.

Shiloh is one of Jolie and Pitt's 6 children their other daughter Zahara also doesn't use Pitt and their 15 year old daughter Vivienne reportedly ommitted the Pitt from her name when she was credited as a PA on a Angelina Jolie produced Broadway musical. Maddox who is the oldest also doesn't use Pitt in his name, but Shiloh is the first of the children to make this a legal change.

While Pitt and Jolie's messy divorce still plays out in courts it seems that his children have seen everything they need from their father to decide on how they want to be associated with him. Who would've thought that there would be a day when I'd rather be me than Brad Pitt.

1. Madonna because she's being sued for her tour being too sexual.

A man who attended a show during Madonna's "Celebration Tour" is saying the show was too sexual without any warnings. The man claims the audience should've been given a heads-up warning before tickets were purchased.

Along with the complaint about the overt sexual nature of the show, the man is also complaining that the show started an hour and a half late, she was lip-syncing during parts of the performance, and she had the air conditioning turned off, which resulted in sweltering conditions that caused him and others to become physically ill. When confronted with the heat complaint, Madonna allegedly told everyone to "strip down."

To add salt to the wound, the man claims he was subjected to "pornography" without warning, saying that topless women came on stage and simulated sexual acts. The suit is asking for damages and/or profits from Madonna's concert. Who would've thought that the Queen of Pop, who built a career off reclaiming and embracing a femme body, would have elements of empowering sexuality in her show?

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