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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


These 5 celebrities want the summer to fast forward just a bit.

5. G-Eazy because Bebe Rexha called him a "stuck up ungrateful loser."

Bebe Rexha took to social media to announce that she will not be working with G-Eazy again, calling him an "ungrateful loser." The singer posted a text message from her team asking if she wanted to shoot social content with G-Eazy when he's in New York.

Bebe took a screenshot of that text and posted it on Instagram, tagging G-Eazy and saying, "You have my number. Why don't you text me and ask me yourself, you stuck-up ungrateful loser. You're lucky people are linking you again. Cause I could go in on all the sh&%#y things you've done and how you treated me after giving you your only real hit. Btw, the answer is no. Hope you good."

Bebe took the post down after her team made her do it. She went on to say that while she felt the post was toxic, she does regret taking it down and wants to say that she still stands by what she said. It's unclear what the drama between them was, but it sounds like when it comes to their friendship, Bebe would describe it as "Me, Myself and I." If you don't get that, it's just a reference to their hit song "Me, Myself and I."

4. Tyla because she doesn't want to talk about race.

The South African-born Grammy Award-winning singer was in the hot seat on "The Breakfast Club" when she ran into a race controversy, and her team had to step in to protect her from the mires of a conversation about race. Before "Water" was a bop and a half, Tyla was making TikToks like any other Gen Z artist out there.

One of her TikToks involves her celebrating her mixed heritage, as she labeled herself a "proud coloured South African woman." During her appearance on "The Breakfast Club," Charlamagne Tha God gave Tyla the floor to clarify the remark, but it seems her publicist did not want Tyla to clarify anything, as she requested the question be struck from the record.

Fans were upset, as some have perceived Tyla's silence as an indication that she doesn't understand why the term "coloured" is a faux pas in American culture. They probably would say, "Hey, you shouldn't say that" or "That's racist."

So, Tyla released a statement clarifying that she never denied her blackness but simply chose to embrace her diversity. She also explained to Americans that in her culture, "coloured" means that she's of many different ethnicities, unlike its meaning here.

3. Iman Shumpert because Teyana Taylor wants him to pay child support so he has to publicly say he makes less than her.

Iman and Teyana's messy divorce continues to play out. The former NBA player went to a judge to explain that she makes nearly double what he makes. According to Iman, Teyana makes nearly $94k a month compared to his $48k a month, which is interesting because when Teyana filed for divorce, she claimed Iman was insecure and jealous of her fame despite his earnings being way more than she could make in music.

Shumpert earned $48 million in the NBA, probably taxed somewhere along the way, but that's certainly more money than most people will ever make. As the two figure out child support, Iman says he's paying about $8,000 a month for them (what are those kids eating, gold?). The two have been fighting over money during their divorce, as she claims he left her holding the bag on $200k worth of home renovations and has withdrawn nearly $4 million from shared accounts.

2. J Lo and Ben Affleck because their divorce feels imminent.

If your faith in love was restored after J Lo and Ben Affleck got back together, think again. There's a reason why people who have gotten divorced once have higher odds of getting divorced again in their subsequent marriages (if they choose to dabble again). The two were spotted at Ben's son's graduation but kept their distance.

They even separated their families as they entered and exited separately. J Lo was spotted at Ben's rental place after graduation, but she didn't spend the night. It seemed to be a family event, as Ben's ex-wife Jennifer Garner was also there.

Reconciliation seems to be a long way away, and the two seem to be headed down a familiar path. While the rekindling of a romance was fun to see, the reality check that love is actually way harder and requires a lot of work is the gut punch everyone needs.

1. Rob Kardashian because he isn't able to help Khloe's friend expand her family.

Khloe Kardashian recently offered up her brother's sperm to her best friend Malika Haqq, and unfortunately for Rob, he had to inform the world he can't c%m. Malika was telling Khloe that she wants to get a sperm donor to expand her family, and Khloe was clearly uncomfortable with the idea of her friend going to a bank to get sperm when she could just source it from inside Khloe's house.

Khloe offered up Rob's samples, and Malika didn't say no, so Khloe called him up to inform him of the deal. That's when he delivered the news to the world that he no longer had the ability to finish. This didn't deter Khloe, who said that he just has to do it into a cup, forcing Rob to repeat what he originally said to his sister.

Khloe told him to stew on it before completely ruling it out and told Rob that they could "prepare his penis," which I truly have no idea what that means. What do you mean, prepare, like a chef prepares a steak? Either way, it seems like the bank isn't a bad place to go for Malika.

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