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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


These 5 Celebs want to undo the beginning of July.

5. Danny Trejo because he got into a fight at a 4th of July parade.

Danny was at a local parade in Sunland-Tujunga, California, when a stray water balloon hit his vintage car. Danny felt his car deserved more respect than that and decided to stir up some bad vibes. He and his companions got out of the car, quite upset, and did what most people in this situation would have done—they confronted the wrong people.

A scuffle broke out, and Danny was held back by a few people. It lasted only a few moments, with onlookers yelling at Danny and his friends to think about the children present. Despite this, Danny continued to yell at the group he deemed the culprits.

No arrests were made, and Danny told TMZ that he was sad the incident occurred because he has nothing but love for the parade. He might also want to mention that he harbors a deep-seated hatred for water balloons and the joy they bring to young children.

4. Olivia Culpo because influencers are calling her a "pick me" girl after her wedding.

The model married 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey in an extravagant ceremony in Rhode Island. Pictures were shared on Instagram, and then the influencers came for her. A TikToker took screenshots of Olivia in her dress and said it lacked any personality and had "pick me" girl energy.

If you don't know, "pick me" girls are women who seek male validation by saying things like, "I'm not like other girls." It's essentially the female version of a simp—a woman who lets men walk all over her and get away with whatever they want.

Another TikTok creator had similar critiques, slamming the model for basically having no makeup on. Olivia accused one of the TikTokers of being an "evil person" over the post. Her husband also chimed in, totally dehumanizing the TikToker by calling her an "evil thing." This marriage will work out because these two have such a way with words.

3. Marlon Wayans because his Los Angeles home was burglarized.

The comedian's home was burglarized on Saturday around 2 in the morning by two thieves. The thieves entered the house by sneaking into the backyard and breaking a back window to get in. While Marlon wasn't home during the robbery, his brother Keenan Ivory Wayans was, and he did absolutely nothing. When he heard the noise, he assumed, like most people would, that it was nothing.

Marlon's staffer came to the house around 8:00 AM only to discover that the house had been robbed. Keenan was shocked to discover that a safe was missing, along with a few thousand dollars in cash, because he thought the crash in the night was nothing.

2. Cardi B because she's being sued for her 'Enough (Miami)' single because she allegedely stole it.

Cardi B dropped a top 10 hit that will appear on her new upcoming album back in March but an Oklahoma rapper claims that Cardi and her producers stole it from him. Joshua Fraustro and Miguel Aguilar used parts of their 2021 song "Greasy Frybread" without their permission.

The rappers say the song dropped in 2021 as promotion for the FX series Reservation Dogs and then three years later Cardi drops her song. The suit names Cardi, her labels Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group, producers OG Parker and DJ SwanQo as co-defendants.

1. Former 'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay because her ex is demanding more in spousal support.

Rachel Lindsay's estranged husband is claiming that his lifestyle is draining his bank account, and he needs more money from Rachel to maintain it. Rachel initially proposed a $9,882 a month spousal support arrangement, but Bryan Abasolo says he needs $16,275 to afford the way he wants to live.

Bryan says all the profits from his work as a chiropractor go to paying off bills, leaving nothing to help him maintain their marital lifestyle. He also accuses Rachel of not being blindsided by his filing for divorce, claiming she is only saying that to garner public sympathy.

Bryan states he wants to settle the divorce amicably but describes the environment at home as toxic, causing him to crash with friends. He also claims Rachel changed the passwords for the WiFi and streaming accounts so he can't use them, which, if you break up with someone, probably means you shouldn’t be allowed to use their streaming services anyway.

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