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5 People Having a Bad Week

5 People Having a Bad Week


These 5 Celebs are hoping to April's showers bring better luck for them than March did.

5. Diddy because Kanye West avoided meeting up with him at Rolling Loud.

Diddy was hanging out backstage at Rolling Loud in LA a couple weeks ago. Diddy wanted a face-to-face to say hi to Yeezy in person after watching his performance so he told people close to Kanye about his request.

Unforunately for Diddy, Kanye had no interest in meeting up with Diddy. Diddy brought his kids to the show to support Ye. The two have a beef after Kanye accused Diddy of threatening him because of Kanye's anti-semitic comments, which was after Diddy called out Kanye for selling "White Lives Matter" shirts.

This also comes amid all of the legal trouble Diddy faces as authorities investigate allegations of sex trafficking, and as multiple people are sueing him. Kanye has been in hot water for the things he's said and supported so if even Kanye doesn't want to touch you then you know you're in some real sh%t.

4. Logan Paul because he is mad about the recent documentary that was released about him.

Logan Paul is blaming Graham Bensinger for his feelings about the new documentary that dropped about him. Graham spent 5 months interviewing Paul for the film where Logan opens up about suicidal thoughts after a failed business deal.

TMZ had Logan and Graham on TMZ Live to chat about the documentary and it turned into Logan hurling a lot of accusations at Graham. One of the main problems is that Logan feels misled on how Graham released the doc. Logan brought receipts that allegedely show that Graham promised it would debut on Applte TV+.

Graham claims that he notified Logan's manager 3 months ago that the Apple TV+ deal fell apart and the doc would be on YouTube instead. Logan was still pissed Graham didn't tell him about the deal falling apart directly.

Logan's other problem is that he felt that he gave Graham unprecedented access to his life and people closest to him including his brother Jake Paul. Had he known the Apple deal was dead he wouldn't have participated as fully.

3. Iman Shumpert because Teyana Taylor told a judge that him bringing women home is confusing their children.

Teyana Taylor believes that Shumpert's relationship with another woman is having negative repercussions on their children, so much so that she wants a child psychologist involved. Teyana has asked the courts to allow the psychologists to testify about an incident that happened a few weeks ago with Shumpert's daughters.

Teyana claims that Shumpert had a woman and her daughter staying at his home during his parenting weekend with their children Junie and Rue. Teyana says her oldest daughter was confused after seeing Iman sharing a bed with the woman and claims that Iman told her that his friend was staying with him because her home was "broken."

She claims that Iman doesn't understand how his actions are negatively impacting their children, which is why she wants a child psychologist involved. It probably would've been better if Iman just told his daughter that he's dating this person, because now his daughter thinks that homes can break and you may have to go sleep in your "friend's" bed until it's fixed.

2. Diddy again because feds subpoenad multiple companies tied to him after Miami and L.A. raids.

After raids on Diddy's homes, federal authorities are issuing subpoenas to companies doing business with him. The goal is to identify anyone with pertinent information regarding the sex trafficking probe. Sources with direct knowledge have told TMZ that subpoenas were sent to various providers tied to the rapper, including his private charter jet, phone providers, and computer companies.

There are inklings that subpoenas will also be issued to commercial airlines and possibly the FAA, in case Diddy used commercial flights instead of private jets. The goal of the feds is to identify who flew where on Diddy's dime. These people don't necessarily have to be alleged victims, but authorities are looking for any potential witnesses who could help bring clarity to the sex trafficking allegations.

It's going to be a while before any indictments or warrants come out as authorities sift through all the information they're collecting. It'll be interesting to see how this impacts all the people suing Diddy and if authorities will find evidence corroborating their claims. Either way, there will be a Netflix dramatization of this saga in the next decade.

TW: Sexual Assault

1. 50 Cent because he's been accused of raping the mother of his son.

50 Cent is refuting the allegations of Daphne Joy by saying that they are only in retaliation for him seeking full custody of their 12-year-old son, Sire. 50's ordeal is tied directly to the lawsuits filed against Diddy, as TMZ reported Rodney Jones amended the latest suit alleging Daphne was a "sex worker".

50 Cent reacted to this by posting, "I didn't know you were a sex worker, you little sex worker. LOL." Before Daphne hit him back with her own post saying, "Let's put the real focus on your true evil actions of raping me and physically abusing me."

50 went on to tell TMZ, "The disturbing allegations in the sworn pleadings recently filed in a court case related to Daphne Joy, the mother of my twelve-year-old child, have required me to take all necessary legal actions to protect my son Sire."

50 has been going after Diddy ever since Cassie filed her lawsuit against him, continuing their long-standing beef with each other. Who knows, maybe if Diddy exposed the person who killed Biggie Smalls, then 50 wouldn't be going this hard. Either way, 50 is now in his own hot seat as the rape allegations are now fully out there.

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