Sadly, this artist's rendering is the closest you'll get to such a pithy plate.

Have you been saving up the $60 (plus the $31.25 annual fee) to finally get buy that personalized "SEXHOG" vanity plate for your Jetta? If you live in New York, we're sorry to inform you that the DMV has preemptively crushed your dreams. Same goes for anyone hoping to let their fellow motorists know they're a fan of "HOTDIK," "B00BS," or anyone who wants to use their plate to get God's attention via the personalized exclamation, "HEYGOD."


The DMV has a list. They know how to use it to make sure the Lord above isn't distracted by your license plate.

The site used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the New York DMV's official list of letter and number combinations that cannot be used on vanity plates for the sake of protecting sensitive drivers' eyeballs from being offended or, in many cases, bewildered. Did enough people try to secure the plate "BADBOX" for it to be banned? Are their boxes really that bad?

Many of the plates on the list seem like no-brainers for the ban as they would appeal to bigots: every variation on the N-word is banned, as are other racial epithets. But if you happen to be gay or lesbian and want to share that news with folks on your commute, tough luck.