pro·fan·i·ty (prəˈfanətē) n. - language that repressed prigs want to say but do not

Some people over at Marchex—a "mobile advertising technology company," which seems to be a fancy way of saying "some kind of fucking network of call centers or something"—decided to take data mined from 600,000 goddamned customer service calls, made to a bunch of different companies, over the course of a year and comb it for profanity. "Asshole," "shit" and "fuck" specifically. They then figured out which state residents were most likely to curse during these calls and which were least likely to. Or, to put it another way, which state residents were least likely to put up with stupid fucking customer service bullshit, and which were most likely to. The results are kind of interesting.

Sources: Marchex Institute | h/t BuzzFeed