I think I've seen this movie before. (image via Thinkstock)

Hey, dads! Ever spent Mother's Day racing through a J.C. Penney last-minute, trying to snag a pathetic basket of bath soaps so your wife's special day isn't ruined? Well, she may have found a new man to disappoint her. Ashley Madison, the dating site for adulterers, reports an abnormally high number of sign-ups the day after Mother's Day (which they thankfully don't refer to as "Milf Monday"). Some people chalk this spike (which they thankfully don't refer to as "The Motherload") up to moms having a depressingly bad Mother's Day. While that's probably part of what's going on here, I choose to believe it's because so many enlightened husbands have given their wives the Mother's Day gift of opening up their marriage.

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