Big sisters abuse their power with the help of a binding legal document.

Signed in blood. (via Facebook)

Comedian Emily Winter recently uncovered this contract she and her friend Meg made 20 years ago in order to feel better about torturing their little sisters Alexis and Elizabeth. She posted it to Facebook saying "This is what happens when lawyers have kids."

The "W.W. Contract" reads:

This contract contains the rules and information of W.W. (war weekend). W.W. is a weekend in the summer in which everyone gets to do whatever she wants. Example: if one child wants to do someones [sic] hair weird and another child wants to make somebody wear a weird necklace then if possible it happens and NO TELLING! Do whatever you want to us and vise [sic] versa but no telling. One more rule: no bloodshed! No black and blue marks for small children.
Sources: Emily Winter