The Future People knew little about the civilization known as Humanity, except that
one kid named Claire was adorable. 
(via redditor wood4sheep2)

Somewhere out there in Pennsylvania, there's a dad, redditor wood4sheep2, who just found out that his kid had been even cooler than he thought between ages 10 and 12. Claire, his daughter, hid a series of notes around his office—some of them addressed to "future people," some of them addressed to herself—between 2006 and 2008. Even more amazingly, one of the letters he found was hidden above a ceiling tile, and it was from when Claire was in the third grade (he was changing a lightbulb which required removing a ceiling tile so he could stand up on a stepladder). Wisely, Claire decided to leave her analysis of the real estate bubble and financial crisis to the experts of the Future People, instead focusing on what would truly be important to future historians: how her day was. Claire, for the record, does not remember any of this. After all, it was way back in 2006-2008. She's a Future Person now.

Sources: redditor wood4sheep2