*World community begins a slow clap*

You gotta love the Chinese Communists for one thing: they're always ready to believe total bullsh*t. People's Daily, the online version of the Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper, not only believed The Onion's story naming Kim the Sexiest Man Alive; they took it, ran with it, and fell down a giant pit of stupid with it. They printed the story complete with a spread of 55 photos. Fifty-five. Five more than fifty. Sure, we all loved when the Beijing Evening News fell for the story about Congress threatening to leave D.C. unless they were given a new Capitol with retractable dome, but you could see how they fell for a story about hyper-capitalist Americans being greedy. It doesn't matter how loyal a communist you are, you should have known this story literally could never be true. Read the story taken from The Onion below, and check out the other photos here before it officially never existed.

Sources: People's Daily