Ever have one of those days when your skyscraper disappears? (via Sina Weibo)

With all the craziness Mother Nature has been unloading on Western New York recently, it might be easy to forget that Uncle Humanity is capable of turning the sky into a horror film as well. Even if you are a staunch climate change denier, anyone who remembers the mid-20th Century or has lived in California or Texas knows smog is real, and it sucks (like that time in the '50s when it killed a bunch of people in London). Beijing is like that pretty much every day, as this photo series from Beijing resident Zou Yi posted to Sina Weibo (China's Twitter, sort of) dramatically shows. Zou takes a photo every morning of the BTV tower in Beijing from the same angle at the same exact time, and pairs it with the day's Air Quality Index reading. Zou's blog is named, appropriately, 'Understandable At A Glance.'