Ugh! None of these are $15-gift-card-shaped.

Shopping for Scott is gonna be a piece of cake this year:

Only question is: where should you buy your $15 gift card? Is Walmart too low rent? Maybe Target is a better option. I don't know, though, maybe it should be a little more personal. Like, what does Scott like? Is he into sports? Maybe you should get him a $15 gift card from the Sports Authority. But what if he doesn't like sports? Maybe you should just play it safe and get him a $15 gift card from some place that sells DVDs. But can you even buy a decent movie with $15? What if he doesn't like movies? Well, he's got to like food, right? Guy's gotta eat! So, just get him a $15 gift card to a restaurant. But what restaurant?

Sources: redditor anti_climax