It's just so nice to see someone on a holiday flight passing notes that don't command someone to eat a dick.


An airline pilot posted this image on reddit at around midnight on Christmas night. "Today, a passenger gave our crew Christmas cards with this note inside," his post's title read. 

I found it to be a sweet gesture, and a reminder that as annoying as holiday travel can be, there are people who actually had to get up and go to work that day to make it happen. All I had to do was wake up at 11 AM and stop eating long enough to hug my parents goodbye. 

But commenters quickly found some notes of condescension in the message.

"Your job is important! But not as important as mine!" one wrote.

"Your job is important because it makes it easy for me to enjoy my vacation and still get back in time to do my much more important job," went another commenter's intepretation.

"I, a nurse who treats cancer patients at NYU Medical Center, think that your job carrying ME to MY cancer patients is important." And so on.

Many still defend it as a nice gesture, including some pilots who crapped all over the negative intepretations, saying any thank you of this kind is much appreciated and rare to come by.

Was it nice, or was it all about her? Did the nurse fail where these college students' gift to their janitor succeeded? Discuss.

Sources: Redditor jefejet