A friend returns a fixed computer with a terrifying challenge on the desktop background.

A friend returns a fixed computer with a terrifying challenge on the desktop background.


Let's play a game... (Via Imgur)

Dread. It comes the second your computer fails. If you are lucky, it is fixable. If you are even luckier, you have a friend who can fix it, and not just some Apple jerk who says they need to send your computer away for two weeks and that the cost to fix it is only two dollars less than the original cost of the machine. Or, worse, spending eight hours on the phone with PC customer disservice in India being transferred from department to department until, ultimately, they accidentally hang up on you, and instead of degrading yourself by starting the process over, you just march to the nearest hack shop to buy another terrible machine.

ANYWAY... the point is, it is good to have friends who are real people who know how to fix your computer.

That is, unless, your friend fancies themselves to be the desktop version of Jigsaw from the Saw franchise and wields his savvy to play a sadistic game of destruction, like redditor croft1342's friend did. Croft1342 gave a broken computer to a friend to be fixed, and it was, but it was returned like this:


You think it's over, but the games have just begun. (Via Imgur)

Just like Jigsaw, the friend, let's call him "Gigsaw," wants to play a game. Gigsaw has offered croft1342 and opportunity at computer life again, but to access it, croft1342 must wade through a sea of Internet Explorer web browsers that are cleverly masked with a Chrome icon, opening them one by one, in hopes of finding the one Chrome icon that actually represents the Chrome browser. 


Not scary, you say? Have you browsed with Internet Explorer recently? The inferior web browser that decides to stop responding on a whim? With penetrable walls that invite viruses into your system like poison gas through an open window? Do you like being spied on? Having all of your personal information shared with the credit card thieves, and Nigerian princes all out to steal your soul? AND DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT USING FLASH!!!!!

I'm so frightened, I didn't even know Internet Explorer still existed. Gigsaw!!! You monster!

Or, you could just do what redditor standingboot9 suggested: "Highlight all then delete. They're all shortcuts anyways. After, go into your startup and create a new shortcut for Chrome. Voila!"


But if croft1342 knew how to do that, the computer might not have made it into Gigsaw's clutches to begin with. 




Am I already dead?

(by Myka Fox)