Just like Jim Jones he gets knocked out with one punch.

Standing in the right corner, in the black graphic tee, weighing in at two hundred and three gin and tonics, pushing a nice man's cart for no apparent reason, we have Dumb Drunk Asshole!!!!

And on the left, dressed cooly in linen and a rattan hat, trying to make an honest living as a vendor, we have Decent Dude Just Trying To Mind His Own Business!!!!!

Which one of these Atlantic City contenders will walk away with the cart? It's anybody's guess!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

And they're off!  Decent Dude walks away from the cart and starts circling Drunk Asshole. Dumb Drunk Asshole bobs and weaves like an old lady driving a Cadillac. Drunk Asshole moves in, Decent Dude steps back. They could dance like this all day.

Oh my god! Drunk Asshole goes in for the right hook but Decent Dude is too quick! He ducked out of the way! Decent Dude rebounds with a clean jab to Drunk Asshole! 

What a punch! It couldn't have been cleaner if it was a nun's STD test! Drunk asshole is down!


(by Myka Fox)

Sources: h/t Daily Dot