Throwin' shade at skin cancer.

The best way to get someone change their bad habits is by encouraging them to indulge in other bad habits instead (that's why AA meetings are usually shrouded in a thick haze of cigarette smoke). So to prevent people from basking in the cancer-giving rays of our own benevolent sun, Happiness Brussels partnered with the Peruvian League Against Cancer to provide an alternative.

These monolithic "Shadow WiFi" structures provide internet access to beachgoers, but only when they're hiding from the UV Rays of the sun in the structure's shadow. It's a pretty ingenious way to get sun worshippers to bow down at the altar of the smartphone instead, and it might even put a dent in the incidence of cancer. At least until we discover we're being slowly cooked from the inside out by wireless internet signals, but that'll be our kids' problem! (I mean, it would be if we weren't all being steadily sterilized by the electromagnetic radiation from the cell phones nestled genital-adjacent in our pockets. You can't win!)