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This isn't a surprise anymore, right? We're at the point where if the headline up there read, "Comcast breaks into customer's house, takes a crap on their TV, then charges them for a home visit," you'd think, "Sounds about right." This company is a bad company and everyone in the land will one day dance on their smoldering ashes (when HBO Go becomes stand-alone).

According to what she told, Lisa Brown had the unmitigated gall to contact Comcast and tell them she'd like to cancel her cable TV service because her family was in need of some financial belt-tightening. Naturally, they bumped her over to a retention specialist who tried instead to get her to sign a new 2-year contract. Lisa says she never got rude, just said what anyone trying to cancel a service would say to a new 2-year contract for said service: Nope.

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