Jase Smithyman is an Auckland man who was born with no arms and he's willing to answer all the questions you have about how he gets things done.

Smithyman seems like a very chill, self-aware dude. In the intro to his project documenting how he does the ordinary tasks we all take for granted, but with no arms, he says people ask him questions all the time or "blow smoke up his ass" with praise for living his life, though living his life is pretty normal to him. Instead of being mad about it, he's decided to film himself doing some of the stuff he gets asked about the most. He started with shaving:

Towards the end of the video above Jase talks a little bit about how people trying to help him has, at times, made it difficult to find his own life hacks. He says he's planning to buy an assortment of jars and discover the secret to opening them on camera. He's also a musician by trade and plans to show off some of his instrumentals. Meanwhile, here's his video of using a Bic lighter, in case you're wondering how he maintains his smoking habit:

Sources: Wingless | h/t UPI