The contest was won by Rose and Prince Adams, a couple from the Virgin Islands.

A new family will own this historic, creepy home and its terrifying secret.
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Pencils down, everyone. The essay portion of the test is over, and only two people passed. To everybody else, good luck next time. It should only be another 20 years or so.

Back in March, I reported on a contest being run by Janice Sage, the owner and proprietor of the Center Lovell Inn and Restaurant, a historic bed & breakfast in rural Maine. She wanted to retire, and instead of selling the inn traditionally, decided to hold an essay contest. It was the same way she had become the inn's owner 22 years before. Every contestant would have to submit a 200-word essay on why they deserved to own it, along with a $125 entry fee. Her hope was to receive enough entries that she could retire, and she met that goal.

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