Aaron Stein was arrested robbing a bank with an improvised non-explosive device.

Where he's going, they don't have dildos. Thankfully. (via KDKA)

Desperation can drive people to do crazy things. It can even turn an ordinary, law-abiding citizen into a brazen dildo-wielding criminal. It's hard to even say who's to blame: the criminal, or the society that failed him? Or the dildo itself?

35-year-old Aaron Stein of Pittsburgh was a pretty mild-mannered guy until last week, when he tragically lost all his money in the stock market. In a moment of panic, he walked into a PNC Bank in Crofton, PA and held it up. He passed the teller a note demanding cash, and said he was wearing a bomb. He was wearing a mask, had wires coming out from under his shirt, and was holding what looked like a trigger device with a green light on it. Convinced, the teller paid out, and Stein escaped in his white Toyota Corolla.