There are only two things that are better than watching this livecam of Corgi puppies: being in a real room of Corgi puppies, or suddenly getting enough money that you could buy yourself a room full of Corgi puppies.

I strongly believe in the healing power of a good therapist. But I also believe that some therapists could be replaced with a room full of Corgis and the sessions would be just as effective for temporarily alleviating sadness. That is why you should watch this livestream of Corgi puppies playing, cute-sleeping, and hanging with their momma.

One note: the dogs can't, unfortunately, help you understand how your mother's cold distance drove you to be a workaholic who pushes away the people you love. That is why you should still go see a therapist even if you watch these Corgis. Or, if you find a Corgi that can unravel the complexities of the human mind, please let me know, because I would gladly pay $100+/hr for a DOG THERAPIST.

Sources: The Pet Collective