Is getting naked on top of a mountain such a crime?

(via Mashable)

A group of tourists visiting Malaysia felt compelled to strip down and take some photos on top of the beautiful Mount Kinabalu. It was a stunning spot, and you know you can't rack in as many Instagram likes with your typical smiling, posed, clothed travel photo. I hate this word, but it's just kind of "touristy" to wear shirts and pants.

The mountain is a sacred site for the indigenous Kadazan Dusun people, though, and they blamed the travelers for a magnitude 5.9 earthquake that hit nearby a few days later. The travelers had to go to court, and admitted that they caused a public disturbance and were "stupid and disrespectful." But they didn't confess to making the earth shatter by exposing their hot bods. They could have faced three months in jail, but ended up just having to stay in custody for three days, pay a £1,000 fine, and be deported.

Sources: Mashable