Keith Hill is a Texas-based radio station consultant who's getting a whole tractor-load of flack for cautioning stations "against playing too many females."

On the left, country artist Martina McBride. On the right, a tomato. One of these two has 14 Grammy awards. (via Getty Images)

Whether you like country music or you're one of those people who describes your musical interests as "I like everything but metal and country, LOL!" you can't deny that country music is big business. And even now, in our whiz-bang Internet age (I swear I'm not 80 years old, really), radio can have tremendous influence in the music people know and like. That's why it was especially disappointing when radio consultant Keith Hill recently told the magazine Country Aircheck that stations should be wary of playing too many female artists because the listening audience is primarily made up of women, and they want to hear men. Hill said of female artists:

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